singing mcalpine construction site, aberdeen

Subject: singing mcalpine construction site, aberdeen
From: bill thompson (
Date: Sat Jul 23 2005 - 19:41:18 EDT

hi everyone,

sorry for x-posting but lots of people have said they
enjoyed this on the phonography and soundscape lists
so i thought i'd share it here as well.

i've come across the most amazing thing. on the pier
near my flat, they're constructing a new building for
the local harbor officials. it's right on the edge of
the pier, so it gets the full gale of wind coming off
of the north sea. the other day i was walking my dog
and as i approached the beach i heard this amazing,
angelic sound carried by the wind. i didn't know what
it was but as i got closer to the semi-built building
i realized that the 100's of open pipes in the
structure were creating a wind harp of sorts.

i snuck out there that night around midnight and
recorded it using a dat and zeppelin, but the wind was
pretty load, as well as the sea.

when i got home and struggled to eq the track to
somehow capture what i could easily hear 10 feet from
my front door, i was reminded of talking to a
photographer friend of mine one night on the beach.
the sun was setting about 2am (it stays light here for
a long time in the summer!) and she mentioned how she
had tried to capture sights like that on film but
eventually realized the futility of it. you just
can't encapsulate the beauty of some things, not all
the time anyway.

this is how i feel about the sound of this building. i
wish you all could hear it in person, you would
appreciate it more then most i think. (i've just
returned from a listen right now.)

in any case, here is a short mp3 of it:

and here is the same mp3 but with only the sound of
the building and everything else filtered

and here are some pix:

hope you enjoy.


"The more you think about things the weirder they seem." -Calvin

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