white circle, for UK residents

Subject: white circle, for UK residents
From: Jon Aveyard (javeyard@uclan.ac.uk)
Date: Sat Jul 23 2005 - 08:09:37 EDT

White Circle is a game for 40 participants who never meet. It was
created to consider the methods and motives for CD consumption and to
document activities from the last few years.

A series of 7 white disks, most of them CDs, are sent to the
participants over 7 months, each disk in its own handmade package. Each
package comes with notes and a small gift or two. Participants are
required to carry out a task in order to receive the next disk.
Completing the game and receiving all 7 disks can cost as little as 15
including postage fees, and you can stop playing at any time simply by
not carrying out a task.

To join the game and receive your first package free of charge in
August, send your name and UK postal address to
whitecircle@hotmail.co.uk or to White Circle, 39 Poulton Street,
Ashton, Preston, PR1 2SA. Any questions sent by e-mail will receive a
reply. Your details will not be used for anything other than sending
you the 7 packages.

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