Kalvos & Damian ending with Komposer Kombat

Subject: Kalvos & Damian ending with Komposer Kombat
From: Dennis Bathory-Kitsz (bathory@maltedmedia.com)
Date: Thu Jul 21 2005 - 12:26:05 EDT

CEC folks, apologies for crossposting, but it's a party... of sorts... :)


As most of you know by now, KALVOS & DAMIAN'S NEW MUSIC BAZAAR ends its
broadcasts with show #537 on September 17.

The decision was personal. Not only does K&D demand many hours, but we also
can't cover its costs.

There is a future. We will continue on-line interviews as we cross paths
with composers, and we will transcribe all interviews over the next year.
We'll also give the site a cosmetic update, fix stuff that's broken, and
tie a ribbon around K&D as the 10-year "Chronicle of the NonPop Revolution."

Here's the good news: Show #537 on September 17 will be the culmination of
a two-day event called KOMPOSER KOMBAT (K2). Loosely modeled on
Survivor-style TV shows, it will involve composers, performers, judges,
saboteurs and support folks. During three four-hour rounds, composers will
compose from a set of specifications. They will create the score and parts,
or in the case of electroacoustic pieces, produce a final piece. Performers
will present the music in live reading sessions.

When we first discussed this with our board of advisors, some worried about
the idea of a competition. We mean this as a collegial and fun event -- one
last K&D-style take on how composers live and work. Yes, like Debussy, some
composers can't choose between a pair of chords in four months much less in
four hours. That's okay. Take part in some other way!

If you want to participate, please let us know. We will need:
* COMPOSERS. You can participate at WGDR -- or be an on-line participant!
(We will draw lots if the number of on-line participants gets too large.)
* PERFORMERS. No matter what you play, if you're a good reader, be part of
this event. Pieces will be specified and written based on who performs.
Composers are eligible to play as well as compose.
* JUDGES. Up to 5 judges in very different genres are invited. (Kalvos and
Damian will not be judges.)
* SABOTEURS. Well, not really. But folks who would like to just hang around
and not participate are also welcome, though we might draft you as...
* SUPPORT PEOPLE. Making sure parts are in place, taking care that MP3s are
downloaded and ready to play or broadcast, documenting happenings with
video or composer-on-the-street interviews, making certain that the pizza
is hot, etc., are all part of the support work. This is a party, too!

K2 will take place in Studio Z at WGDR in Plainfield, Vermont, and the
entire event will be recorded. There will be prizes and lots of tchotchkes.

The rules will be finalized next month, but it'll work something like this:
1. There will be three rounds, two on Friday and one on Saturday morning.
2. Each round's composers will be drawn by lot.
3. The specs for pieces for each round will be announced at the beginning
of the round, including instrumentation, length, and reality-enhancers such
as meter, tempo, dynamics, etc. The specs for electroacoustic pieces will
also be given at the same time.
4 The pieces will be played in a reading session at the conclusion of each
5 Composers may perform in their own pieces.
6. Judges AND composers (yes, that'll mix it up!) will vote pieces OFF the
program, leaving two pieces in each genre (acoustic and electroacoustic) to
move to the finals during the live show on Saturday afternoon.
7. Anything that goes wrong is your own fault.

That's pretty much it. Pie throwing is allowed.

Please let us know how you would like to participate, if you'll need a
place to stay, and any other info. We'll put you on the list for the
official stuff as we send it out. (And please send this info along to other
performers & composers.)

The event can be discussed here: http://kalvos.org/phpbb2/viewforum.php?f=20
A copy of this announcement and future developments will be found at

And yes, we still need funding to keep the site on line. Contributions will
be even more important when we go 100% virtual.

Final note: After K&D, we're performing in Europe: Feedback Verlag in
Cologne, October 10; Mellotone Studios in Amsterdam, October 16; De Rode
Pomp in Ghent, October 22. There may be others, and you can find the
announcements on Dennis's homepage, http://maltedmedia.com/bathory/

Best to everyone,
Kalvos & Damian
Dennis and David

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