Big Ears - Fitzgerald's Manifesto

Subject: Big Ears - Fitzgerald's Manifesto
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Date: Thu Jul 21 2005 - 07:47:31 EDT


Big Ears ­ Fitzgeraldšs Manifesto
Two pairs of ears flapping in the wind, meticulously organised chaos,
accidents, childish antics, sharply swinging moods and a totally
unpredictable playlist were the key features of the Big Ears radio show
broadcast by the Sonic Arts Network on Londonšs Resonance 104.4 FM between
March 2003 and December 2004. Mixing trite and tested formats for presenting
a radio show with a host of haphazard influences from Fillipo Marinetti to
Britney Spears, the Big Ears presenters regularly both delighted and
disgusted their audience as they attempted to broadcast a contemporary show
within the somewhat dated principles of Charles Fitzgeraldšs legendary 1931
manifesto of broadcasting.

Sonic Arts Network is pleased to announce the release of Big Ears ­
Fitzgeraldšs Manifesto, the 4th edition in its ongoing critically acclaimed
tri-annual limited edition series. This publication has been created and
curated by the Big Ears anchorman Tim Steiner. The son of an itinerant
Jewish chemist, Tim Steiner became fascinated with the history of
broadcasting at a young age. Broadcast History magazine lists him in the top
10 broadcast historians of all time and his exhaustive study, The Dawn of
the Radio Age, is widely regarded as a definitive text on the subject. He
was honoured by the Association of Broadcasting Historians in 1996,
receiving the coveted Medal of Honour. He teaches widely and is in constant
demand for his award winning lectures and workshops on broadcast historians.
The CD publication features work from a highly diverse range of artists
including: Otomo Yoshihide, Nam June Paik, Halim El-Dahb, Philip Corner,
Leon Theremin, Harry Champion, Sol Hoopi and The Childrenšs Ensemble of the
Moscow Union of Drivers.

Big Ears ­ Fitzgeraldšs Manifesto is sent out free to members of Sonic Arts
Network and is available from a limited number of contemporary art gallery
bookshops or from
T: 020 7928 7337

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