In and Out of the Sound Studio July 25-29, 2005

Subject: In and Out of the Sound Studio July 25-29, 2005
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a number of public events during the conference next week.



A Conference at Concordia University, Montréal Québec July 25-29, 2005

Celebrating women in sound production

Montreal, July 18, 2005 - Artists and academics working in sound production will gather in Montreal at the end of July for In and Out of the Sound Studio, a unique conference examining the working methods of female sound producers in a variety of media.

From July 25 to 29, independent artists, professors and students from across North America and beyond will deliver papers, give lectures and perform their work in and around Montreal's Concordia University. The conference will include a number of concerts featuring the works of participants, and will feature a keynote address by Hannah Bosma, who is researching women and electrovocal music in the Netherlands. The conference is part of In and Out of the Sound Studio, a collaborative multimedia project headed by Concordia professor Dr. Andra McCartney. "This conference presents a unique opportunity for sound producers, designers, recordists and mixers, both male and female, to share their knowledge and experience with each other," said Dr. McCartney.

The conference will include technical sessions featuring noted sound producers from across Canada, including Diane Leboeuf of SonoDesign, discussing museum sound design; Shelley Craig from the National Film Board talking about being a re-recording mixer; and Michelle Frey of Psudo Interactive, who works on video game sound. The presentations are linked to the conference's focus on mentorship, providing a venue for intergenerational instruction and collaboration. The conference will also highlight radio art and documentary with sessions by Helene Prevost, Chantal Dumas, Victoria Fenner and Marian van der Zon.

The public is welcome to attend a pair of concerts featuring the work of conference participants. The first, held July 27 at 8pm at the National Film Board Theatre, will feature electroacoustic works by Marcelle Deschenes, Barry Truax, Monique Jean and Wende Bartley. On July 28th at 8pm at the Société des arts technologiques, Sylvie Chenard, Ellen Waterman, Airi Yoshioka, Shona Dietz and Eveline Boudreau will present live music, electroacoustic performances and video projections as part of the SAT's The Updgrade!

The In and Out of the Sound Studio project attempts to establish a greater sense of community among women sound producers who are separated by geographic space, occupation or disciplinary boundaries. Along with the In and Out of the Sound Studio Web site (, this event aims to make the working methods and philosophies of women sound producers accessible to emerging and established artists, as well as scholars in the fields of communication studies women's studies, cultural studies, media studies and music.


For more information please visit or contact: Lisa Gasior Project Manager (514) 885-2870


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