Re: WTB -- paul dolden & andrew mccallum

Subject: Re: WTB -- paul dolden & andrew mccallum
From: Eliot Handelman (
Date: Tue Jul 19 2005 - 19:57:11 EDT

David Prescott wrote:

>Thank you for this, Eliot:
>I had the opportunity to speak with Paul Dolden many years ago (he had recently completed "veils") and admired his energy and character. I am sure that this will be a great show.
>For those of us outside of Montreal, could you provide us the time that your show is on?

Where's the beat airs on Wednesdays at 9AM - 11:30AM on CKUT 90.3 FM in
Montreal and
live on the internet at

Call in the studio to moan or praise at (514) 398-4616, though the
phones don't seem to be working.

Drop me email to tell me that I'm not running the show properly or that
I am.

If you'd like to be on, please drop me a line. As they used to say on
AOL, "just hit the send button!"

If you have material you'd like played, contact me for more details.

If you have a festival or anything that you'd like me to promote, tell me.

If you're a music scientist or a philosopher and you want to talk about
ideas -- WTB is for
you! It's healthy!

Everyone is welcome! There's a place for everyone at WTB -- it's just
like Kafka's Nature Theater of

-- eliot

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