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Subject: Re: Insulae Electronicae Competition
From: PerMagnus Lindborg (
Date: Mon Jul 18 2005 - 04:16:02 EDT

I completely agree with Mr Truax.

I can understand that some people equate "music competition" with
"competing in music", although it's not the same thing. A music
competition, at best, serves to give the (novice) participants
exposure/experience, and the audience a chance to discover talent
and/or be surprised.
In any case, competition in the arts used to be part of the Olympics
in classical times (and at least poetry was until the 1910s or so -
P. de Coubertin)
At worst, "competing in music", as examplified by the European Song
Contest Blabla is just a marketing operation.


>I'm wondering why any competition for young composers, such as this one,
>would disallow pieces that have been performed in public from being
>eligible. I would regard public performance (even if it's "in house") to be
>a very necessary part of the learning experience of trying out a piece in a
>larger space than a studio, and (hopefully) getting some feedback from
>Disqualifying pieces that have already won awards may be a legitimate choice
>of the competition organizer, but to disqualify works that have been
>performed in public seems counter-productive to the encouragement of young
>composers and raises the uncomfortable spectre of pieces that are composed
>only for competitions, not for public consumption.
>If someone wants to feature premieres only, then they should commission new
>Barry Truax

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