Re: edirol or marantz

Subject: Re: edirol or marantz
From: Scott Stallings (
Date: Sun Jul 17 2005 - 18:43:43 EDT

It is my understanding that Topper's statement, "The Marantz preamps are the worst ever, anywhere, on anything" is absolutely correct. I've no experience with either the Edirol or Marantz solid state digital recorder but I've heard about Marantz' miserable preamps from many, many phonographer friends.
Also, I know from personal correspondence with Oade Brothers Audio, Inc., from somewhere in Georgia (USA), that for a relatively modest fee they'll alter the Marantz preamp with an analogue preamp that supposedly yields great improvement. Oade Brothers are an authorized Marantz distributor, nonetheless their analogue alteration voids the Marantz warranty and Oade allows only 30 day returns for altered products. They will alter only newly purchased products from them; consequently, it's not possible to use the Marantz until the warranty expires then arrange for Oade to provide the alteration.
An Edirol problem that others have mentioned: friends tell me that the Edirol is quite shabbily manufactured. Supposedly the volume dial ( I think that's the item ) is known to fall off in nothing flat. No easy way out, is there Helena? But thank you for posing this question since it has been upon my mind as well. I've decided to wait for awhile before making a purchase since the thought among those who follow this topic is that some manufacturer will soon market a much better solid state recorder. Scott Oade's URL:

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