Re: edirol or marantz

Subject: Re: edirol or marantz
From: Suk-Jun Kim (
Date: Sun Jul 17 2005 - 14:17:50 EDT

Hi Helena,

I cannot talk about the R1. I have never used it.

I got a PMD660. At the first use, I was a bit disappointed by its
performance. Apparently, it is not something you can expect the same calibre
of DA-P1. As you may know, its pre-amp is the biggest drawback - it's very
That being said, I am also using the OMK mic (with its preamp), and though
the general level was low, I was able to get some nice recording with the

I like its size, and while in plastic, it feels reasonably durable to me.

If you have had some experiences with high-end DAT machines, you will be
disappointed. If you are from MDs or other low-cost systems, you will be

Good luck.

On 7/17/05 12:52 PM, "Helena Gough" <> wrote:

> hi,
> i am looking to get a hand-held portable hard disc recorder for field
> recording and was wondering if anyone has any opinions on which would be the
> better option - Marantz PMD 660 or Edirol R1?
> i will be using them with okm in-ear mics.
> any experiences with/thoughts on either of these models gratefully received.
> thanks,
> helena

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