Re: Re : edirol or marantz

Subject: Re: Re : edirol or marantz
Date: Sun Jul 17 2005 - 15:59:55 EDT

On Jul 17 2005, Louis Dufort wrote:

> > hi,
> >
> > i am looking to get a hand-held portable hard disc recorder for field
> > recording and was wondering if anyone has any opinions on which would
> > be the better option - Marantz PMD 660 or Edirol R1? i will be using
> > them with okm in-ear mics. any experiences with/thoughts on either of
> > these models gratefully received.
> >
> > thanks,
> > helena
> >
> Well, I'm a very satisfy user of the Edirol. There's some drawbacks but
> for the price I'm indulgent. 1. There's no xlr inputs only 1/8 inch. 2.
> The metering is very very poor (latency and not a lot of precision). 3.
> It's plastic made and very light which can be good but a bit fragile.
> But mainly the cool thing for me and good advantage over the Marantz is
> that it's 24 bits. That's worth it, especially for Soundscapes! But For
> some odd reasons it doesn't goes at 48khz.. Only 44.1k.
> Au plaisir
> Louis

I agree. The R-1 looks fragile and it only comes with a 64 Mb comact flash
card so that you need to buy another one up to 2 Gig. The built-in stereo
mic is much better than I had expected and make it very discrete when
recording in locations with people around. I doubt the stereo image will be
as open as with the OKMs but it has a few built-in dsp effects to emulate
larger mics and wider the image (and others like denoissers etc) but I have
not tried them all yet.

Ricardo Climent

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