Re : edirol or marantz

Subject: Re : edirol or marantz
From: Louis Dufort (
Date: Sun Jul 17 2005 - 15:29:35 EDT

> hi,
> i am looking to get a hand-held portable hard disc recorder for field
> recording and was wondering if anyone has any opinions on which would be the
> better option - Marantz PMD 660 or Edirol R1?
> i will be using them with okm in-ear mics.
> any experiences with/thoughts on either of these models gratefully received.
> thanks,
> helena
Well, I'm a very satisfy user of the Edirol. There's some drawbacks but for
the price I'm indulgent. 1. There's no xlr inputs only 1/8 inch. 2. The
metering is very very poor (latency and not a lot of precision). 3. It's
plastic made and very light which can be good but a bit fragile.

But mainly the cool thing for me and good advantage over the Marantz is that
it's 24 bits. That's worth it, especially for Soundscapes! But For some
odd reasons it doesn't goes at 48khz.. Only 44.1k.

Au plaisir



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