Insulae Electronicae Competition

Subject: Insulae Electronicae Competition
Date: Sun Jul 17 2005 - 04:19:41 EDT

Dear all,
I would like inform you about Insulae Electronicae Competition.
The rules is following.
Best regards,
Gianluca Vergani (artistic coordinator)


Iinternational competition of electroacustic music for young composers

Third edition

Rules and regulations:

This competition is open to composer who are less than 31 years old on august
31st 2005, regardless of nationality or origin worldwide.

How to enter:

Composers have to send to the address indicated below not more than two works
for tape solo (recorded on cd), realized not before 2003, which haven?t ever
been performed in public manifestations nor awarded in other competitions.
Participants are cordially invited to send besides a standard stereophonic
sound file also the file for quadriphonic realization to be executed in the
concluding concert (4 file mono wave or 2 file stereo wave or 1 file quadriphonic
wave), showing the arrangement files. The quadriphonic version is optional.

Every piece has to be completed with a clear and complete description, both
on practical than conceptual level. You?re invited to send a copy of the
score, if written.

The length of the work cannot be more than thirteen minutes.

The composer has to submit also a short resume, completed with personal information,
postal and e-mail address.

Participation is free of charge; participants will have to cover their postal
expenses (or their material won?t be considered). The works will not be sent
back. The application implies the acceptation of this regulation.

Completed entries must be received by Aug. 31, 2005.

Submissions should be sent to:

Gianluca Vergani (artistic coordinator)
via Togliatti 1
26016 Spino d?Adda (CR)

The jury (Giovanni Cospito, Raffaele De Tintis, Pietro Polotti) will meet
at the beginning of September, will evaluate the works and will notify the
results before Sept. 30th 2005. Winner's will be notified by mail or telegram.


Selected compositions will be executed in a public concert in October 2005
at the Castello Visconteo of Pandino (CR). The description of selected works,
sent by their composers, will also be published on the Cultural Association
bulletin. Compositions classified in the first three positions will be diffused
by radio and included in a compact disc out of commerce enclosed in the bulletin

For further information write to:


Cultural Association Quadrifonica
via F. Juvara 11 ? 20129 Milano, Italy.


The Cultural Association Quadrifonica, in Milan, announces the second international
competition of electroacustic music dedicated to young composers. In this
way, the Association means to promote the diffusion of electroacustic music
and to stimulate young authors to realize new works and to emphasize the
concepts and the aesthetic of their own artistic conception. This second
edition of the competition aims also to be the first of a series of events
promoting both an exchange of knowledge among composers, and the presentation
of their work to the public, on the ground of the combination between compositional
praxis and theoretic reflection, sharing creative issues and verifying their
aesthetical impact.

The Cultural Association Quadrifonica is a non-profit cultural institution,
founded in Milan in the year 2000, which aims to diffuse culture and, in
particular, the musical and musicologist one, through promotion and organization
of concerts, performances, conferences and other events; to help young people?s
active participation to cultural life, and the cooperation of different actor
of aggregation and education existing in the territory; to set off the profoundly
human dimension of getting together, of reciprocal knowledge and of dialogue
in the field of cultural events, creating, also helped by new technologies,
space for confrontation and exchange; to give particular attention to cultural
promotion of disadvantaged social classes.

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