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Subject: Re: Rhythmic Speech
From: Chris Leon (
Date: Mon Jul 11 2005 - 10:18:48 EDT

Thanks to all for the great info.
Yes, this is an extremely broad subject and has grown even broader with
the interesting links and composers that have been mentioned on this
This is a particularly relevant link that I found while searching for
Ubuweb :

Turntable/Hip Hop, Chanting, Poetry, Phonetics...: All good

The basis of this paper came when a teacher asked me to create a
rhythmic vocal composition similar to a Bjork piece (from Selma Songs)
to use in a live performance with a dancer. This led to us wanting to
research the history of rhythmic speech in musical composition. But I
am interested in all aspects of speech rhythm (poetry, chanting,
phoenetics...) as part of my research.

I will eventually be creating a live performance speech based work for
multi-channel diffusion. Anyone have a favorite software for this type
of application. I have tried AudioMulch and Reason so far.



On 10-Jul-05, at 2:27 PM, nick storring wrote:

> I think you can still access ubuweb via google... I got to the 365
> days project... so it's worth a shot.
> nick
> please visit my new website
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> >Subject: Re: Rhythmic Speech
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> >Chris Leon wrote:
> >
> >>Hi,
> >>
> >>I am writing a paper on the use of spoken word as rhythmic device
> >>for composition. This involves any sound emitted by the voice (male
> >>or female) that is morphed into a rhythmic pattern.
> >>
> >>Who are the first composers to take speech fragments and create
> >>rhythmic patterns or loops?
> >
> >It's interesting that you use the words "composition" and
> >"composers" here, because the first thing that
> >springs to mind is the Ursonate by Schwitters the creator of
> >"merzbau", and the best performance I ever heard was
> >Christian Bok's, who's a poet. (on Ubuweb, down for summer)
> >
> >>
> >>Some of the early pioneers I have found so far are Steve Reich and
> >>Leos Janacek.
> >
> >
> >Or are you being territorial about "composition," since you use the
> >word "pioneer"?
> >
> >-- eliot

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