Re: Rhythmic Speech

Subject: Re: Rhythmic Speech
From: Von Wichert (
Date: Sun Jul 10 2005 - 03:16:22 EDT

On the linguistic side, you might want to look into a field called
"prosodic phonology". It's the study of how languages organize sounds
into syllables and metrical feet and bigger units. And then you could
look at how composers work with, or against, the innate rhythmic
structure of the chosen language. Let us know what you find out!

Paul Daniel von Wichert

>I am writing a paper on the use of spoken word as rhythmic device
>for composition. This involves any sound emitted by the voice (male
>or female) that is morphed into a rhythmic pattern.
>Who are the first composers to take speech fragments and create
>rhythmic patterns or loops?
>Some of the early pioneers I have found so far are Steve Reich and
>Leos Janacek.

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