Re: Harvest Moon Multi-channel festival / Symposium, Montreal, Sept 21-23: Call

Subject: Re: Harvest Moon Multi-channel festival / Symposium, Montreal, Sept 21-23: Call
From: Philippe-Aubert Gauthier (
Date: Mon Jul 04 2005 - 09:59:10 EDT


First, did you receive my previous mail about the festival? Anyway, I have
spread the words to other CIRMMT students mostly based in McGill.

Second, on my part, it was too difficult to resists ... I have written an
abstract, already started a text preparation and some pure-date demonstrations.
I cannot however guarentee that I will be able to finish and submit it because
I am incredibly overloaded by work ... although I have so intense discovery in
relation with Ambisonics, Wave Field Synthesis and a new derived approach that
it is quite exciting ... and surely influencing!

And this leads some technical question for the festival:

1) Taking into account the general theme of precise location using discrete
loudspeaker, I would like to give a tutorial-like presentation of pseudo-stereo
for monophonic signal over multi-channel systems ... would this be interesting?
and, most importantly, useful for the audience?

2) My last year paper have consumed an incredible bunch of time, mostly for
translation, corrections, ... so would you accept an unique english text from a
french frog?

3) Also, is the discrete loudspeaker criterion for electroacoustic work is
strongly stringent? I ask the question because I am working a piece to submit
which is a simultaneous contrast of highly diffuse diffusion using various
order ambisonic mixes and evenly distributed stereophonic pair (two channel),
like little thematic alcoves ...

Many thanks!

Don't rush for the reply ...

Have a nice day!

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