Software Synth -- FWD

Subject: Software Synth -- FWD
From: Kevin Austin (
Date: Wed Jun 29 2005 - 21:56:39 EDT

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Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2005 16:58:53 +1000
From: Peter Mcilwain <>
Subject: Software Synthesiser Release


I've just finished the new version of Matrixsynth and its now available
for download at my website:

This software synthesiser is designed for the purposes of training
students in basic analogue style synthesis techniques. The highly
flexible nature of the matrix that was employed in the original VCS3s
is used here to assist in visualising the signal pathways that are used
in sound synthesis.

System Requirements: Mac OS10.2

I know some in the ACMA community have been interested in this software
- I have been trying to get it into a useable form - sorry that its
taken some time to finish. Anyway here it is - I guess I'd have to say
that it's a beta version so feedback is welcome. At this stage the
software is free.

Peter Mcilwain
Lecturer in Composition

P.O. Box 68
School of Music - Conservatorium
Monash University
Victoria 3800

Ph 61 3 99051330

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