Powers of Two double CD

Subject: Powers of Two double CD
From: Barry Truax (truax@sfu.ca)
Date: Wed Jun 29 2005 - 02:06:50 EDT

   I am thrilled to announce the launch of a double CD of my opera Powers
of Two, on the Cambridge Street Records label. This is a project that
started 10 years ago, and got the first workshop production by Modern
Baroque Opera here in Vancouver a year ago.
   Leading the cast is the amazing Toronto-based mezzo Fides Krucker as
The Sibyl, joined by counter-tenor David Dong Qyu Lee of Montreal as The
Seer. Mezzo Marian Newman, tenors Marcel van Neer and Benoit Boutet,
soprano Catherine Campolin and baritone Steve Maddock round out the cast.
   The complete libretto, artist bio's and production photos are all on a
.pdf file on the first disk.
   Two other works, Sequence of Earlier Heaven, and Sequence of Later
Heaven are also included since they are used as interludes in the opera.
   I'd be happy to send anyone who'd consider broadcasting the work a comp
copy. I can also arrange for radio broadcasters outside of Canada to get a comp
copy from the SOCAN Foundation.
   Copies of this double CD can be ordered for the price of a single CD,
namely Can$24/US$20/Euro16.
   More information at: www.sfu.ca/~truax/cd7.html
   Barry Truax
website: www.sfu.ca/~truax

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