Did I or Did I Not Mess Up In Last Posting?

Subject: Did I or Did I Not Mess Up In Last Posting?
From: Scott Stallings (viaeanguli@yahoo.com)
Date: Sun Jun 26 2005 - 17:49:37 EDT

Wow have I messed up in sending my previous posting of a few minutes ago! I've added people who responded privately and left uncompleted messages to those who did respond via the list. Please forgive and read the following as my intended posting. Scott

Scott Stallings <viaeanguli@yahoo.com> wrote:
Innes, Richard, James (I've tripple checked and I don't think I've missed anyone), you have added excellent food for thought to this tinnitus topic. And thank you!
Innes: Your URL is appreciated. Once life's reponsibilities ease a bit I intend to pursue it in depth. The comment about increased cerumen production during long air fleights is most interesting, and although I am included within the population known as "heavy wax producers" I personally have never experienced this phonmenom nor have I ever encountered anyone who has reported it. Your experience is more than worthy of investigation. So also is your report that the presence of cerumen within your external auditory canal eases your tinnitus. It is difficulty to argue with what you experience. My interest in all of this relates to my upcoming class this Fall sponsored by the American Tinnitus Association of Portland, Oregon. I'm registered for their four weeks computer distance learning course in a holistic approach to tinnitus. Fellow students include not only audiologists but otorhinolaryngologists (i.e. ENTs), general medical practitioners, and generic health care p!
  Should this class "pic" an indepth interest then I am giving consideration to intensive academic work with Dr. Pawel J. Jastreboff, a Polish neurophysiologist currently conducting tinnitus research at Atlanta, Georgia. The truth of the matter is that until only of relatively recent date has the medical community given much attention to tinnitus. If in doubt then just approach the typical ENT and/or Audiologist and witness the lack of guidance provided. The reason? It requires lengthy clinical examinations coupled with even longer counseling sessions neither of which is especially cost effective in our American medical system.
Dr. Jastreboff's approach, known as Tinnitus Retraining Therapy, is the only successful therapeutic system of which I'm aware. You already know that I'm "a child of the ' 60s - and dah-gone proud of it I might add!" ;-> ;consequently, my future audiological practice is no longer geared towards monetary interests but the desire to remain involved in my profession and provide genuine help. Also, be aware that tinnitus inflicts its effects upon different people in different ways. The literature reports that for the vast population it is but a minor inconvenience. For a much smaller population, however, it truly drives them to dispair. It is these individuals who find relief in Tinnitus Retraining Therapy. So . . . and in completion, Innes, you have provided information that is, and in the future will be, very valuable to me.
Richard: Bravo and accolades! Cerumen control is not a self-maintance activity. Your audiologist friend has provided you with wise advice. Please listen to him/her.
James: An excellent article that will be placed into my archives. Thanks

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