free tinnitus cure - not spam!

Subject: free tinnitus cure - not spam!
From: Innes Andy Park (
Date: Fri Jun 24 2005 - 23:33:41 EDT

 With regard to tinnitus here is course of action which has significantly reduced tinnitus related noise in my case:

 Stop using cotton buds weekly and let the wax build up only cleaning moderately (so that there is still a thin layer of wax left) every two months.

 Tinnitus is partly due to damaged hairs inside the ear oscillating and thereby simulating the perception of noise. If those hairs are embedded in wax and not knocked around by cotton buds then they cannot oscillate. The wax also forms a protective layer against protective noise.

 Possibly more detail than some of you needed but I am sure this will help some of you out there ditch your audiologist and maintain your noise addiction.



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