chabade - archiving

Subject: chabade - archiving
From: Innes Andy Park (
Date: Fri Jun 24 2005 - 23:21:12 EDT

At the risk of converting converting my stream of consiousness to the web dialogue equivelant of a treated bass solo:

 Apparently both Chabade and Mathews were enthusiastic about and not resistant to the CSIRAC project when it was brought to their attention by Paul Doornbusch who keeps Pearcey's memory of computer music being made before CSIRAC moved from Sydney to Melbourne alive. However, being an authority on archiving seemingly does not equate to updating the most ubiquitous archive (the web) in this instance.

 The "I" in CSIRAC is pronounced "eye" (possibly the Australia "oi" is an even closer pronouciation) and the computer itself was inspired by Pearcey's viewing of the Harvard Mk1 computer on his way to Australia. Geoff Hill (the programmer who made music on CSIRAC) was born in Hawthorn in Melbourne which is also where Percy Grainger (at the age of 12) conceived of the Free Music Machine which features in some archives of the history of electronic music.


  Innes (also grew up in Hawthorn but keeping a close sceptical eye on the link between music machines and nudism (see Grainger's New York announcement re Free Music Machine))

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