Fwd: [ STEIM ] Concert Announcement Thursday June 23rd

Subject: Fwd: [ STEIM ] Concert Announcement Thursday June 23rd
From: jef chippewa (jef@econtact.ca)
Date: Tue Jun 21 2005 - 10:53:07 EDT

STEIM presents on June 23rd at 20.30h a Local Stop concert with

     Tim Perkis & Scot Gresham-Lancaster
     Roddy Schrock & Robert van Heumen

Tim Perkis & Scot Gresham-Lancaster are both part of the Hub. They
will visit STEIM as a break in the Hub's activities in Berlin.

Tim Perkis was one of the founding members of the "League of
Automatic Music Composers" when he met Scot Gresham-Lancaster at the
Center for Contemporary Music at Mills College in 1981 where Scott
was the technical director. Over the next twenty four years they have
worked every year on some innovative project or another. Perkis and
Gresham-Lancaster are also members of the HUB, a computer network
band established in 1983.
Tonight they will be doing a variety of work that is representative
of many of their various projects. Other members of the Hub will also
be collaborating over the net from Berlin, where the Hub is currently
in residence at Singuhr Horgalerie, presenting a week-long workshop.

Workshop teachers Robert van Heumen and Roddy Schrock will show some
of the possibilities of Super Collider and LiSa in a short
performance. Ranging from sonic bursts to gregorian chants, from
melodic melancholy to funny voices, from the abstract to the concrete.

Roddy Schrock is a composer who digitally mines the sounds of the
everyday for the profound, and the glitzy, rough edges of pop music
for its articulate immediacy. He has lived and worked in Tokyo, The
Hague, New York, and San Francisco, with performances in the Czech
Republic, Holland, Japan, and North America. In his live performances
Schrock finds the underlying essence of music by first hacking found
sound to microscopic bleeps, next rearranging the shards, then fusing
them into a new inorganic whole and finally realigning the synthetic
and the natural.

Robert van Heumen is a musician and composer of electronic music, who
is very active in the Amsterdam improv scene. Being part of the N
Collective he played with OfficeR (an electro-acoustic sextet
searching for structures in improvised music) in Berlin, Norway,
Amsterdam, and recently he did a tour with SKIF (an all-electronic
set with Jeff Carey) in New York City. Both his composed and live
music can be described as a mixture of toys, environmental sounds,
voices and melancholic melodies, all blended with a certain kind of
crackle and burst.

Date: Thursday June 23rd
Time: 20.30h
Venue: STEIM: Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134, Amsterdam
Entrance: 3 euro
Reservations: email knock@steim.nl

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