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Subject: Re: Chabade - Spamos photos - Spamos Info
From: Kevin Austin (
Date: Tue Jun 21 2005 - 10:51:25 EDT

The article is from 2000 and does not seem to include computer
developments in Australia, or Le Caine's work in the late 40s.



At 07:21 -0700 2005/06/21, Innes Andy Park wrote:
>In light of CSRIAC of Oceania, here is some
>information that is as made up as the RCA photo.
>Update your servers America or live with being 95%
>pure spamos!
>By Joel Chabade
>MUSIC FROM COMPUTERS The first computer-generated
>sound was heard in 1957 at Bell Telephone Laboratories
>in Murray Hill, New Jersey. Max Mathews had finished
>writing Music I, the first program to generate sounds
>with a computer, and used it to play a 17-second
>composition by a colleague, Newman Guttman. Although
>the piece didn't win any music awards, it was the
>first computer music composition and marked the birth
>of digital sound synthesis

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