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Subject: RE: Moving to Victoria, B.C.
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Date: Thu Jun 16 2005 - 09:40:19 EDT

Thank you for your responses Kala and Andrew! :)

How about entrepreneurship? How do I find more information on that? In
Canada? In BC? In Vancouver Island? I just joined (Vancouver
Island Advanced Technology Centre) and they seem to offer help on starting a
small business. They have companies in areas of engineering, computers,
Biotech and all this business computer programming, but nothing related to
"Art Technology"; this would be my focus. I'm pretty excited, but kind of
nervous at the same time since I don't know the area and I am a newly made
Canadian. There might be some developers that do multimedia in the area, but
I don't see it stressed in Viatec which supposedly promotes technology and
business in the Vancouver island area. We will see! Not until next year that
I need to figure this all out :) I just feel I have to do something that I
can combine music and computers (took me so long to get to this point in
life :P). I don't want to do just one, I feel it's a waste of what I have
done; plus its what I'm passionate for :P

I appreciate your time, any advice and help :)



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Victoria is a very hard job market.... I know of Computer Sci Masters
retail for 8.50 an hour... good luck.

Start at Uvic. specifically the fine arts and music dept. strong ea
maybe you will get lucky. Government jobs are the best bet, there is a web
with government job postings, I'll see if I can find it??

I lived there for 20 years so if you have any more specific questions email
off list and I will try to put you in a good way.


Congrats on getting your residency first of all! (I'm a New Yorker who
sometimes daydreams of living in Canada).

One thing I know about the area (I've never been there myself) is that
Vancouver Film School is highly thought of and they have game design and
sound design departments -- maybe that could be a very stimulating place to
work in the office (and/or do a one-year post grad program) -- I don't know how technically oriented they are but they
might appreciate adding the perspective of a CS major...


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