Re: Moving to Victoria, B.C.

Subject: Re: Moving to Victoria, B.C.
Date: Wed Jun 15 2005 - 19:25:37 EDT

Victoria is a very hard job market.... I know of Computer Sci Masters working
retail for 8.50 an hour... good luck.

Start at Uvic. specifically the fine arts and music dept. strong ea leanings,
maybe you will get lucky. Government jobs are the best bet, there is a web site
with government job postings, I'll see if I can find it??

I lived there for 20 years so if you have any more specific questions email me
off list and I will try to put you in a good way.


Quoting Mauricio Duarte-Neira <>:

> Hello,
> This coming academic year is hopefully now my last year in Computer Science,
> and I plan to graduate in May 2006. I am deciding to move to Victoria for
> several reasons, but this will be my first time there and I have no idea
> what I can do or what is over there; or even how to start to do something.
> I do have a lot of ideas (entrepreneurship is a possibility; but finding a
> job is also a priority) and I also have a degree in Music and technology (I
> will have a double major, musician and scientist :)). My interests are DSP,
> Entertainment technology, MIDI and even the game industry.
> I was hoping someone could direct me as to what I should do once I set foot
> in Victoria :) I heard of ViaTech, I think it's a good path. I read and
> there is a lot of science and engineering, but no technology oriented
> towards the arts and this is where I want to go towards. I believe maybe I
> can start something! But I know, I am young and I need guidance I think, not
> sure though :) Something I haven't mentioned either is that I JUST got my
> Canadian residence, so I'm a new Canadian :P
> I appreciate any advice, help. Maybe any people who are in the area that can
> share info/help/advice with me, I will totally appreciate. I would love to
> get in touch with you :)
> Cheers,
> Mauricio

Andrew McCallum

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