Moving to Victoria, B.C.

Subject: Moving to Victoria, B.C.
From: Mauricio Duarte-Neira (
Date: Wed Jun 15 2005 - 12:20:06 EDT


This coming academic year is hopefully now my last year in Computer Science,
and I plan to graduate in May 2006. I am deciding to move to Victoria for
several reasons, but this will be my first time there and I have no idea
what I can do or what is over there; or even how to start to do something.

I do have a lot of ideas (entrepreneurship is a possibility; but finding a
job is also a priority) and I also have a degree in Music and technology (I
will have a double major, musician and scientist :)). My interests are DSP,
Entertainment technology, MIDI and even the game industry.

I was hoping someone could direct me as to what I should do once I set foot
in Victoria :) I heard of ViaTech, I think it's a good path. I read and
there is a lot of science and engineering, but no technology oriented
towards the arts and this is where I want to go towards. I believe maybe I
can start something! But I know, I am young and I need guidance I think, not
sure though :) Something I haven't mentioned either is that I JUST got my
Canadian residence, so I'm a new Canadian :P

I appreciate any advice, help. Maybe any people who are in the area that can
share info/help/advice with me, I will totally appreciate. I would love to
get in touch with you :)



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