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Date: Mon Jun 13 2005 - 13:10:11 EDT

On 10 Jun, 2005, at 09:02, Innes Andy Park wrote:

>> Tristram Cary, 80 this year, holds a unique place in
>> contemporary music. While serving as a wartime
> naval radar
>> officer in 1945, he independently conceived the
> idea of electronic and tape music, and is thus a
> world pioneer in this field.
> I wish I could attend. I like Cary's doctor who music
> but there is possibly a tad more hype than is
> warranted:
> The theremin or thereminvox is one of the earliest
> fully electronic musical instruments. Invented in 1919
> by Russian Lev Sergeivitch Termen.
> I'd like to hear more about his Cary's pioneering
> though..

Yes, there were a number of electronic instruments devised - some even
earlier than the theremin. However, the use of recording media as a way
of making music, rather han simply recording music being made by other
means comes much later. TC's first experiments with a recording lathe
started in 1946, which certainly puts him among the pioneers of these
techniques. There is an interesting description of all this in the
introduction to his "Illustrated Compendium of Musical Technology" -
ISBN 0-571-15251-1, as well as several other histories of the period.


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