Re: [Technical tips for multichannel installation][and multichannel amplifiers]

Subject: Re: [Technical tips for multichannel installation][and multichannel amplifiers]
Date: Sat Jun 11 2005 - 03:56:42 EDT

on 11/6/05 00:25, Philippe-Aubert Gauthier at wrote:

> Currently working on an piece for a multichannel installation (4 audio
> channels
> + 2 channels of electronic circuitry) I was wondering if their some nice
> playback solutions (cheap! ...and... easy to use!) for multichannel material.
> I am seeking for something which would be: compact, easily hidden in the
> installation, bug-free, thief-proof (at least something enoughly cheap that I
> won't cry if stolen). (Of course, uses of a computer is not a solution.) The
> main objective is to have something which would be quite simple to turn on and
> off for Galery staff and also prevent any bug which would force me to make a
> few hours road trip just to fix some details.
> Thinking to various solutions, I have been seducted by the idea of using 2-chn
> mp3 portable readers with infinite loop functions. But the problem is now the
> sync of this. So this lead me to a new question: anybody have seen or heard a
> project which was using pop microcontrollers (BasicStamp, JavaStamp, PIC or
> whatever ...) to trigger and control various audio playback devices ... on
> this
> matter, anybody have seen some artist-home-made stuff using such
> microcontrollers for electronic installation administration (what a nice
> poetic
> expression!) while (very optionnally) calling home in case of bugs ... if yes,
> using what sort of modem/automated-phone-thing?
> ======
> Sooner this year I have been asking for CECers' experiences with multichannel
> amplifiers, after some week of on-line shopping I have found that the
> 12-channel Russound Amplifier were probably the less expansive. It can goes
> down to ~1200 Canadian dollars.
> See the R1250MC for 50W in 8ohm loads:
> Many thanks!!



for a CD about electronics for artists. Although it takes time and effort I
think it's worthwhile learning how to make customised gadgets. It shouldn't
take too long to learn how to put together a few switches and/or radio
receivers and transmitters as well as simple sensors. Too late for your
present show but a good investment for the future.

The PIC microcontroller seems to me (a mere musician) to be a bit
complicated but I'm planning looking at all that stuff once I've got a
handle on the basics.

As for sync'ing the mp3 players I recently got 8 members of the public to
press "play" simultaneously on portable CD players to kick off an 8 channel
piece. An easy solution which also gives people a stake in the work. Good


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