[Technical tips for multichannel installation][and multichannel amplifiers]

Subject: [Technical tips for multichannel installation][and multichannel amplifiers]
From: Philippe-Aubert Gauthier (Philippe-Aubert.Gauthier@USherbrooke.ca)
Date: Fri Jun 10 2005 - 19:25:46 EDT

Currently working on an piece for a multichannel installation (4 audio channels
+ 2 channels of electronic circuitry) I was wondering if their some nice
playback solutions (cheap! ...and... easy to use!) for multichannel material.

I am seeking for something which would be: compact, easily hidden in the
installation, bug-free, thief-proof (at least something enoughly cheap that I
won't cry if stolen). (Of course, uses of a computer is not a solution.) The
main objective is to have something which would be quite simple to turn on and
off for Galery staff and also prevent any bug which would force me to make a
few hours road trip just to fix some details.

Thinking to various solutions, I have been seducted by the idea of using 2-chn
mp3 portable readers with infinite loop functions. But the problem is now the
sync of this. So this lead me to a new question: anybody have seen or heard a
project which was using pop microcontrollers (BasicStamp, JavaStamp, PIC or
whatever ...) to trigger and control various audio playback devices ... on this
matter, anybody have seen some artist-home-made stuff using such
microcontrollers for electronic installation administration (what a nice poetic
expression!) while (very optionnally) calling home in case of bugs ... if yes,
using what sort of modem/automated-phone-thing?


Sooner this year I have been asking for CECers' experiences with multichannel
amplifiers, after some week of on-line shopping I have found that the
12-channel Russound Amplifier were probably the less expansive. It can goes
down to ~1200 Canadian dollars.

See the R1250MC for 50W in 8ohm loads:

Many thanks!!

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