Sea of Sound Festival, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, June 24-26, 2005

Subject: Sea of Sound Festival, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, June 24-26, 2005
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Date: Wed Jun 08 2005 - 19:03:21 EDT

For Immediate Release

June 7, 2005

Sea of Sound festival to challenge sonic senses

EDMONTON, AB—Edmonton Intermedia Arts Festival³: The Sea of Sound, an event produced by The Works Art & Design Festival, takes place June 24-26 at various locations in downtown Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The event, curated by the Boreal Electroacoustic Music Society (BEAMS), will act like a 12,000 km oil change and tune-up for the ears, revitalizing the way we listen to the world around us. BEAMS will explore this theme by exhibiting works that present the audience, participants or performers with new or innovative approaches to sound art and electroacoustic performance.

The Sea of Sound will feature:
Installations by Steve Heimbecker, Garnet Willis, Ian Birse, Ivika Kivi and Sulo Kallas.

Workshops on sound diffusion, Max/MSP programming, microprocessors and sensors, radio art, algorithmic composition, and much more by: Ken Gregory, Steve Heimbecker, Laurie Radford, Anna Friz, and Garnet Willis.

Live concerts featuring: Anna Friz, Laurie Radford, Shawn Pinchbeck, Don Ross, Clinker, Mark Hannesson, Wayne Defehr, Mark Nerenberg, Jay Lind, John Armstrong, Condoleezza Ric Paddies, and agaperaygunexperiment.

Many of the events will be free to the public. For additional information on The Sea of Sound, check out the BEAMS website at or by emailing the organization at

BEAMS is a non-profit society dedicated to the promotion and production of sound-oriented art. Membership consists of professional and amateur musicians, composers and performance artists from diverse backgrounds driven to create a voice for sound-oriented art in Alberta, Canada.


For information contact:
Shawn Pinchbeck,
Curator, The Sea of Sound
Tickets available through* The Works box office* (#200, 10225-100 Avenue) or* *by phoning (780) 426-2122 ext 232

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