Fwd: Professorship in Experimental Radio

Subject: Fwd: Professorship in Experimental Radio
From: Yves Gigon (ygigon@videotron.ca)
Date: Tue Jun 07 2005 - 09:14:19 EDT

>Extension of the Application Deadline for a
>W2 Professorship in Experimental Radio
>Media Faculty of the Bauhaus University Weimar, Germany
>³Experimental Radio² refers to radio as a global
>phenomenon and includes "Hoerspiel" and auditory
>media, journalistic, literary, and musical
>reflection, sound objects and sound installation
>as well as artistic strategies, interventions
>and cooperative working practice. Internet,
>wireless culture, and the faculty¹s own radio
>frequency provide possible tools and methods of
>approach. Through the adoption of current
>international tendencies and new technological
>means, countless experimental radio works can be
>tested, researched, and developed.
>Requirements for the position include a
>completed university degree, university teaching
>experience, and relevant job experience in the
>area of radio art. An active cooperation with
>other projects within the university¹s Faculty
>of Media Design - especially in the area of
>electroacoustic music and sound design, part of
>an existing cooperation between the Franz Liszt
>Academy of Music and the Media Faculty of the
>Bauhaus University - as well as the support of
>non-commercial radio initiatives on the
>regional, national and international level is
>General employment requirements are ruled in §
>48 of the "Thueringer Hochschulgesetz".
>Judicial employment classification complies with
>§ 50 of the "Thueringer Hochschulgesetz".
>Further information (mainly in German) is available at:
>The Bauhaus-University Weimar makes special
>efforts in employing and supporting women.
>Severely disabled persons with equal
>professional qualification receive preferred
>Applications should carry the reference number M/AP-03/05 and should be sent
>together with the usual supporting documents to
>Bauhaus-Universitaet Weimar
>Dekan der Fakultaet Medien
>Bauhausstraße 11
>99421 Weimar
>until 2005/06/30

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