Re: a term in French ... or perhaps [insertion]...

Subject: Re: a term in French ... or perhaps [insertion]...
From: Kevin Austin (
Date: Thu Jun 02 2005 - 21:26:32 EDT

 From my reading, "convolution" is not a french word, it just looks
like it could be. This through a riverrun of consciousness led to
what a computer is (possibly as if the dictionary definition would
decide the issue).

In the 1970s, British psychologist Anthony Marcel performed
subliminal priming experiments, based on previous findings that
seemed to show that decisions about a stimulus are facilitated when
the stimulus follows a related stimulus. In one of Marcel's studies,
subjects were asked to identify a letter string as a word or a
nonword; it was found that subjects could classify a letter string as
a word faster if it was preceded by a "semantically related word."
Marcel found that related words primed subsequent word/nonword
decisions even when the priming words were "presented under
conditions that made it difficult if not impossible for the observers
to distinguish when the words were present from when the words were

At 1:19 PM -0500 6/2/05, John Kamevaar wrote:
>Huh? Marcel Duchamp?
>Kevin Austin wrote:
>> At 11:06 PM -0700 5/29/05, Innes Andy Park wrote:
>> > ... So maybe the 1st computer music was not CSIRAC after all, if
>> >music can be unintentional.
>> Involuntary perception of unintentional music.
> >
> > (? Where is Marcel when we need him?)
> >
> > best
> >
> > Kevin

or maybe it's about Time Becoming Lost



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