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I cant seem to be able to find this midi file. Can someone please link it to
me again ? :)



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Another way of looking at this is that it's a low resolution version of
what Eric Wenger has Metasynth doing. In this case, it seems, a
fourier analysis of a sample is subsequently mapped to midi pitches.
Another variation on this that I've had interesting results with in MS
is translating the frequency-domain description of a speech sample back
to the time-domain using instrumental samples such as violins.


On 31-May-05, at 4:11 PM, Kevin Austin wrote:

> To get an idea of the complexity, I opened the MIDI file in Finale. A
> graphic of the top staves of m 4-5 is at the bottom of this message.
> Others will know more about this, but Logic has (had?) a sound-to-MIDI
> function that I have put some spectral pieces into with some
> interesting (and on occasion "a-s(t)ounding" !) results).
> For those whose mother-tongue is not english, it is probably difficult
> to impossible to 'pick up' the phonetic emulation here. I am reminded
> of how difficult it is for many people to hear the words to Bicycle
> Built for Two, if they do not know the words to the song.
> I am also reminded of the "sine tone words" which are on the CD that
> accompanies "Auditory Scene Analysis"
> Best
> Kevin
> At 8:50 AM +1000 6/1/05, Tim Kreger wrote:
>>         I was just recently telling a friend such a thing would be
>> impossible!! I can't find any reference to this on the site you've
>> mentioned. any further references?
>> Thanks once again.
>> Tim
>> On 01/06/2005, at 12:24 AM, Kevin Austin wrote:
>>> (Sorry to attach the MIDI file but I couldn't locate a URL.)
>>> Start with the original song:
>>> Good Times
>>> (search the list at the bottom of his page:
>>> )
>>> These are the words ...
>>>> Look at the words when you listen...
>>>> Good Times. Any time you meet a payment.
>>>> Good Times. Any time you need a friend.
>>>> Good Times. Any time you're out from under.
>>>> Not getting hastled, not getting hustled.
>>>> Keepin' your head above water, making a wave when you can.
>>>> Temporary lay offs. Good Times.
>>>> Easy credit rip offs. Good Times.
>>>> Scratchin' and surviving. Good Times.
>>>> Hangin in a chow line. Good Times.
>>>> Ain't we lucky we got 'em. Good Times."
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