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Subject: RHIZOME_RARE: SONAR 2005 - Advanced Music and Multimedia Art
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SONAR 2005 - Advanced Music and Multimedia Art
Barcelona, Spain
June 16,17,19 2005

Three days and three nights in touch with the most up-to-date
developments and featuring the most relevant national and international
artists. In its twelfth edition Sónar will be presenting over 300
activities Sónar presents more than 300 activities including DJ sets,
concerts, titles projected at the SonarCinema and works in every
multimedia format: installations, Net art, design,... Sónar is the
essential meeting point for an alert public, cutting-edge artists and
the most influential professionals from the sectors of music and
modern arts.
Concerts, DJ sets, a professional fair, the SonarMática multimedia
area, audio-visual projections in all formats, Sonarama, a mediatheque,
conferences and exhibitions. Simultaneous and uninterrupted activities
across a range of areas at the Raval district (CCCB, MACBA, Centre d'Art
Santa Mònica). A meeting point for artists, professionals and public.

SonarVillage. SonarPro. SonarLab. SonarCinema. Record Fair. Editorial
Fair. Conferences and Debates. SonarComplex. SonarDome. Exhibitions
Contemporary Culture Centre of Barcelona, CCCB.
Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art, MACBA.
Entrance via CCCB: Montalegre, 5. From 12 noon to 10:00 pm.

CCBB. Floor 1.
Entrance via CCCB: Montalegre, 5.
>From 12.00 to 22.00hrs

Centre d'Art Santa Mònica.
Entrance via Centre d'Art Santa Mònica: Rambla de Santa Mònica, 7.
>From 12 noon to 10:00 pm.
          Nights at Sónar are of a distinctive nature, an enormous
cosmopolitan celebration, similar to other great European events but
with a Mediterranean feeling, giving it a unique festive atmosphere.
Sónar by Night has 4 locations occupied by distinguished national and
international names from the world of electronic music. Each night DJs,
VDJs and concerts from the broadest spectrum of dance music appear
simultaneously in the 4 areas. Sónar by Night occupies an area of more
than 10,000 meters, divided between covered and open-air spaces.

SonarClub. SonarPub. SonarPark. SonarCar.
Gran Vía (M2).
Av. Bot nica, 62
(Polígon Pedrosa, l'Hospitalet del Llobregat, Barcelona)

L'Auditori de Barcelona.
C. Lepant, 150

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