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Subject: Re: a term in French-bibliography...
From: Isabel Pires (
Date: Sat May 28 2005 - 18:14:57 EDT

Well, I don’t now if you need a “more technical” or a “more musical” bibliography about signal processing. But you can easily found a lots of things online in French. For example at Montréal University site :
this is a pedagogical page.

Or :

when you can find some electro-acoustical links.

In : --- go to « Précedentes

you will find some papers about different aspects of music and technology.
The page : ,is also interesting.

You have also “les cahiers de l’ircam” – “recherche et musique” numbers 1 and 3, they are the old books (1991 and 1993) but with the interesting things.
The number 1 is about the computer music composition “la composition assisteé par ordinateur” – in French, and number 3 is about composition and informatics environment “ composition et environements informatiques”.

On the technical side you have, for exemple,
 “traitement numérique de signal”
Editor : DUMOND
2004 for the 7th edition.

Well, we can find lots of other things, but I don’t now exactly what you need.
I wait to have been able help’s you.

P.S. Sorry about my miserable English…

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Subject: Re: a term in French ... or perhaps [insertion]...

Do you have the names of other signal processing texts written in French? What are the standard French language textbooks on signal processing? Any bibliographies of the most important signal processing books in French?<br><br>

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