Re: a term in French

Subject: Re: a term in French
From: Innes Andy Park (
Date: Thu May 26 2005 - 01:42:15 EDT

In as much as music is part of the quadrivium of artes mathematicae in classical medieval philosophy, it is music terminology. Recent centuries have seen music move towards the trivium of humanities as Latin has become homeopathically diluted.
 Since it was a laddie (Maston Beard (variation of Bard)) from our school who introduced the world's 1st computer music we reserve the right to define its terminology and deconstruct or not it if we please. Enjoy..

Linda A Seltzer <lseltzer@Princeton.EDU> wrote:

Convolution isn't a computer music term. It's a mathematics term. It's the same whether you are doing computer music or physical chemistry.

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