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Subject: CCRMA Lisp Music Workshop and International Lisp Conference


        CCRMA Lisp Music Workshop 2005 -- June 23-25 at Stanford University
                 International Lisp Conference 2005 -- June 19-22

  We cordially invite you to join us for a week of activities devoted
to Lisp and Scheme-related music production at Stanford, June 19-25.

  Stanford's Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics
(CCRMA) will host a three-day LISP MUSIC WORKSHOP at Stanford
University June 23-25.  This unique symposium immediately follows the
International Lisp Conference 2005 (ILC 2005), which convenes at
Stanford University June 19-22.  Details about ILC 2005 may be found

  The CCRMA Lisp Music Workshop 2005 brings together noted composers,
performers, scientists and technologists engaged in Lisp and
Scheme-based music production and research.  Three days of invited
lectures, seminars and tutorials will be presented between Thursday,
June 23 and Saturday, June 25.

  The Workshop will host two concerts of music composed and/or
electronically realized using Lisp-based software.  The first concert
is on Monday evening, June 20 on the opening night of ILC 2005 in
Stanford's Dinkelspiel Auditorium. This concert features the Ives
Quartet playing works in historical styles composed by David Cope's
(EMI) Experiments in Musical Intelligence program. New compositions
by Roger Dannenberg, Mary Simoni, and Heinrich Taube will also
  be presented.  A second concert on Thursday evening, June 23 in
Campbell Recital Hall of Stanford's Braun Music Center will feature
new works of Stanford composers.

  Technical content of the Workshop includes two half-day
mini-symposia devoted to Musical Knowledge Representation, and
Real-Time Signal Processing in Lisp and Scheme.  Tutorials on Common
Music (CM), Common Lisp Music (CLM), Nyquist, CLOS (the Common Lisp
Object System) and Prolog are scheduled to be presented by key
developers of these software tools.

  Invited Lisp Music Workshop speakers include:

  John Amuedo, founder of Signal Inference Corp. and the Music
Cognition Group, M.I.T. Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
  Chris Chafe, Prof. of Music and Director of CCRMA, Stanford University
  David Cope, Prof. of Music at U.C. Santa Cruz and author of the
Experiments in Musical Intelligence (EMI) automated composition
  Roger Dannenberg, Assoc. Research Prof. of Computer Science and Art at
    Carnegie-Mellon University; author of the Nyquist signal
processing language Randal Leistikow, Stanford CCRMA
  Fernando Lopez-Lezcano, SysAdmin/Lecturer at Stanford CCRMA
  Heinrich Taube -- Assoc. Prof. of Music Composition and Theory at University
    of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign and author of the Common Music language
  Mary Simoni -- Associate Professor of Music Technology, Univ. of Michigan,
    Ann Arbor
  Matt Wright - U.C. Berkeley CNMAT and Stanford CCRMA

  CCRMA has made its two primary teaching classrooms in Wilbur Trailer
Modules available for Lisp Music Workshop lectures and tutorials, as
well as its two primary Linux clusters for participants who are
unable to bring their own laptop computers.

  Prerequisites of the Workshop are a working familiarity with Lisp or
Scheme, and a professional interest in computational music production
or research.  ILC 2005 will present a one-day introductory Common
Lisp tutorial on Sunday, June 19 for prospective Conference and
Workshop participants who would like to strengthen their Lisp
programming skills.

  Tuition of the three-day Lisp Music Workshop alone is $400 for
non-students and $250 for students enrolled in an accredited academic
institution.  ILC 2005 has offered to extend a $100 discount on
registration for ILC 2005 to CCRMA Lisp Music Workshop participants. 
The combined registration for ILC 2005 and the CCRMA Lisp Music
Workshop is $850 for non-students, and $450 for students.
  On-site registration for ILC 2005 is subject to an additional $100
surcharge for non-students.  Conference and Workshop tuition does not
include housing.

  Stanford has made two inexpensive housing options available to Lisp
Workshop registrants:  on-campus, dormitory-style (shared bath)
housing directly adjacent to ILC 2005 and Workshop activities for
$45-55 per night, and off-campus guest house rooms (with private
bath) for $69-99 per night.  Also, a local Palo Alto hotel situated
approximately one mile from campus is offering preferred rates to
Workshop participants of $99/day on weekends and $109/day on
weekdays.  The latter two options require that you make your own
transportation arrangements to and from campus.

  Registration for the CCRMA Lisp Music Workshop and ILC 2005 is
subject to space and housing availability.  Upon completion of your
Workshop registration and receipt of your payment, you will be
provided with links and confirmation codes to reserve housing and
obtain the applicable ILC 2005 discount.

  Information about other CCRMA summer activities may be found at
  http://CCRMA.STANFORD.EDU/ and general information about Stanford
University may be found at http://WWW.STANFORD.EDU/.

  To request further registration information for the 2005 CCRMA Lisp
Music Workshop, please complete the questionnaire below and email
ASAP to:


  Additional schedule, registration, payment, and housing information
will be updated periodically at:


  We look forward to you joining us for this week of Lisp-related
activities at Stanford.


  John Amuedo, ILC 2005 Program Committee
  Chris Chafe, Director of CCRMA
  Bruno Ruviaro, CCRMA



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  I would like to attend the CCRMA Lisp Music Workshop, June 23-25 at Stanford
  University.  Please provide me with further registration information.





  PHONE NUMBER(s) and HOURS of AVAILABILITY (please indicate time zone):



  LISP or SCHEME background:




  { on-campus dorm , off-campus guest house , off-campus hotel , or

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