Re: tuning (was: surround sound encoding and DVD authoring (URL))

Subject: Re: tuning (was: surround sound encoding and DVD authoring (URL))
Date: Tue May 24 2005 - 21:35:39 EDT

Has anyone had an encounter with Hermode tuning? Gimmick or practical? Also,
this seems to be a pretty exhaustive site for those interested in tuning.

Quoting Phil Thomson <>:

> Unfortunately, tuning and mathematics are pretty intimately linked, so
> it's unavoidable to get some math stuff in with the tuning stuff.
> However, I find Harry Partch's _Genesis of a Music_ to a be a
> wonderfully readable history of intonation which successfully
> harmonizes "Western" music history with examples from "Eastern" music
> and shows that they're not really so different after all in their
> aesthetic bedrocks. There's obviously not many contemporary examples,
> but it's a great introduction to Partch's own tuning theory and
> practice. On a technical level, I've heard good things about _The Just
> Intonation Primer_ as a concise introduction. The journal _1/1_ might
> also be a good source to browse if you can find a catalogue somewhere.
> The Just Intonation network ( has other books
> and recordings you may find useful. There used to be a tuning group on
> Yahoo! but I don't know if it's still there, as Yahoo! has a habit of
> randomly deleting things. These are not particularly imaginative
> examples and maybe you've already heard of some of these or surpassed
> them. I've seen or read a few other sources, but I won't mention them
> because they're more technical in nature and not always so
> contemporary.
> Xenomelophiliacally yours,

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