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"...these pieces seek to shape and communicate an idea in sound. Some may
call it sound design, sound sculpture or sound art, but it's actually music.
Bypassing the visual sense, they send their messages and ideas straight to
the brain with their aesthetic treatment of sound - and that is surely what
music is. "

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> The complete article is in The Guardian ...
>>Water music
>>Be it Handel or splashes on bowls down a mine shaft, composers shape
>>sounds and invest them with meaning
>>Mark Espiner
>>Monday May 23, 2005
>>You might, at first, find it hard to call it music. Water dripping down a
>>deep shaft in the countryside and striking resonant bowls that, as they
>>fill and overspill, modulate in tone and then drip into other bowls below,
>>the sound they make being caught by a huge acoustic tube leading to a
>>large brass horn 20ft above ground level. Or what about the digitally
>>captured sounds recorded by a navigational buoy out in the Atlantic: the
>>howling wind, the heaving swell, the percussive rain, relayed back by
>>microphones to loudspeakers and an audience in Cornwall's National
>>Maritime Museum?
>>To be sure, these aren't tunes you can hum. But Score for a Hole in the
>>Ground, by former Pogue Jem Finer, and Singing Ringing Buoy, by composer
>>Craig Vear, have been shortlisted for the PRS Foundation's New Music
>>Award, as has Terry Mann's The Bells of Paradise - a piece that is
>>attempting to record every cathedral bell in the UK as well as the traffic
>>and people noise that surrounds them. This new prize, the first of its
>>kind and a hefty one at £50,000, is at last, as the Turner prize has done
>>for art, helping to put new music, and ideas of what music is, on the
>>cultural radar.
>>For one Telegraph critic, dismayed at the lack of "real" composers or
>>musicians on the shortlist, these offerings are just not on. In a
>>knicker-twisted diatribe at the shortlist last week, he wondered where the
>>actual music "per se" was in all of this and accused the judges of
>>thinking of music as a subset of contemporary art.
>>· Mark Espiner is co-artistic director of Sound and Fury theatre company
>>and a music journalist
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> Kevin

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