Re: Hearing Loss sites etc

Subject: Re: Hearing Loss sites etc
From: Arne Eigenfeldt (
Date: Sun May 22 2005 - 12:19:20 EDT

What I found interesting was how high the ambient noise was in this
concert hall. Between pieces, the sound pressure meter was often
reading 70 db.

And during uncomfortable moments in some pieces, the level read less
than 90 db. It seemed the timbres themselves, within that particular
room, contributed to their strident nature.

On May 22, 2005, at 8:55 AM, David Mooney wrote:

> At the recent SEAMUS conference, they had a sound pressure
> meter on top of the sound borad in one of the two concert
> venues. Most composers who diffused their work at the
> soundboard honored the 90dB max--some did not. The volume
> level of the concerts in this hall, to my ears, was far more
> under control than in the other hall. We, the composers,
> have control over this. We set our own levels at the tech
> rehearsals. So in these situations at least, it's on us to
> set appropriate levels for our music. And, as Mike said, the
> Genelec speakers provided great clarity at low levels.

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