RE: Hearing Loss Sites, etc.

Subject: RE: Hearing Loss Sites, etc.
From: jef chippewa (
Date: Sun May 22 2005 - 00:15:25 EDT

>If concert sounds are getting too loud for you all then why not seek
>out the people working at the other end of the scale. A concert by
>the various members of Broken Consort, for instance, can be a very
>quiet and rewarding experience

it's arguable that the sensory effects caused by some pieces can
trick the listener into "feeling" they have had some profound
artistic experience. oops, i said the A-word.

i've always held that a piece ought to be able to stand its own at
various dynamics through mono shitbox diffusion before it hits the
public ears. but that's probably a function of my desire to hear
more than just pretty (sic) sounds in a work (ea or not).

there are a number of artists working in lower dynamics, for a number
of reasons, but who perhaps do not participate publicly in
discussions such as this, because, as with their music, they aren't
compelled to "[prosyletize] with a hammer".



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