Re: Hearing Loss Sites, etc.

Subject: Re: Hearing Loss Sites, etc.
Date: Fri May 20 2005 - 12:35:53 EDT

My post had more to do with the fact that some artists won't expose themselves
to the SPL the audience gets. I was reminiscing about an artist wearing
earplugs -during the show!- like the ones I use during a soundcheck... Though
I've seen some techs who keep their earplugs on during a performance too.
And though we are free to leave a performance, it is disconcerning that _the
norm_ is on the treshold of pain. It doesn't leave much headroom for _bleeding
edge_ performances.

But since I don't walk away once hired, I simply prefer to turn down working a
concert that would be too loud for me to mix without earplugs.

jean routhier

> Thank you.
> I understand, the technician won't expose themself to the sounds that
> they expose the audience to. Maybe we can find some nice military
> jobs for these 'high minded' people.
> Best
> Kevin

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