About Each "Hearing Loss Sites, etc" Message

Subject: About Each "Hearing Loss Sites, etc" Message
From: Scott Stallings (viaeanguli@yahoo.com)
Date: Fri May 20 2005 - 09:54:27 EDT

It has been a true delight to follow the thoughts of each person responding to this topic. While I have disagreed with some technical acoustic and auditory aspects within some postings, I, nonetheless, have learned something of value from each message.
What has been the most rewarding is the ethical sensitivity that each has expressed. Properly understood, we are our brother's keeper and it's exciting to see that theme repeated again and again within each message. It's also rewarding for me as a member of the medical community to see how astute and perceptive that you as musical performers, sound technicians, and musical aficionados are relative to the "dangerous decibel" as well as how to handle it. Finally my profession is making some headway in communicating our fears.
"Never mention particular individuals because in doing so you are bound to miss all the others of importance." I'll transgress this principle in the case of Jean and Kevin because of their multiple postings. Kevin, your ethics are pristine and I admire you. Jean, you have grasp the weakness of society because it is so much easier and seemingly cost effective to attempt healing rather than preventing the wound. No, I really did not miss the drift of your statements about audiological income as it relates to Medicare, hearing instrument prescriptions, and hearing conservation. You are correct but unfortunately it's not only governmental entities. My own profession has long been too short sighted about the preservation of residual hearing acuity. And why? For exactly the reason you've perceived -- the financial rewards are to be had in treating rather than preventing. I have confidence that this will change and this I write because of what each of have written in your!
Thank you for making an Audiologist very happy!
Scott / Tenere In Vividus Sonus / Keeping Sound Alive

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