Re: Hearing Loss Sites, etc.

Subject: Re: Hearing Loss Sites, etc.
From: Kevin Austin (
Date: Fri May 20 2005 - 07:28:27 EDT

Thank you.

I understand, the technician won't expose themself to the sounds that
they expose the audience to. Maybe we can find some nice military
jobs for these 'high minded' people.



At 9:32 PM -0700 5/19/05, wrote:
>Scott i sense you didn't _get my drift_...
>My post didn't have to do with audiologists' income, but the
>perplexing fact that the medicare system will support hearing aid to
>help cure a problem instead of supporting methods of prevention...
>As well as the fact that many of the performers i work with as a
>sound technician, who request very loud levels for their audience,
>actually wear the same molded earplugs I use. But since my job is to
>adjust the levels, I actually do, up and sometimes down
> > please know that some of us really aren't "in it" just for the
>money but really do love sound and helping keep it alive for others!
> > 
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