Re: Hearing Loss sites etc ... ah ... and here's the rub ...

Subject: Re: Hearing Loss sites etc ... ah ... and here's the rub ...
From: Kevin Austin (
Date: Fri May 20 2005 - 07:25:42 EDT

Thank you.

My point is not about the level of the sound. It is that the festival
has public funding and as such has a level of (societal)
responsibility towards the auditory health of the patrons at the

If people ('artistes') wish to exhibit anti-social behavior, for me,
that is fine. When the behavior is dangerous to others, there should
be warnings. When the source of the funding is public, the
organization has elected to work within specific 'societal' norms,
and assumes health / hazard related responsibilities.

Or is it simply "the cost of doing business"?

My point is not (directly) about the SPLs ... I have met too many
people who are under 30 and whose life "in" music and sound has ended
because of the damage caused by exposure to high sound pressure
levels, regardless of the "purity" of the system, and I note their
anguish in facing the next 20, 30, 50 years of their life in this
sensorially debilitating state.

They are unable to mix a sound. In some cases they have been unable
to be in an area with impulse-like sounds (eg a piano!), they have
spurious noises and distortions.

In my view, if the "professional" (sic) sound technical staff at a
publicly funded event allow (promote or encourage) the creation of a
dangerous situation, this is where "the problem" lies.

Are mechanical engineers responsible for the damage caused by their work?

An individual artist whose wishes to make and spend their own $$ on
producing sounds that will leave them deaf by the time they are 40
can do whatever they like.

If you have a 6 year-old daughter, will you expose her to these kinds
of sound-pressure levels?


At 12:20 AM -0400 5/20/05, Louis Dufort wrote:
> >
>> Where is the sense of responsibility of the organizers and the
>> artists towards others?
>As I said Kevin we can strongly suggest the artist to bring it down but we
>will never go against the artist demand. At ELEKTRA, where the sound system
>is pristine (L_Acoustics sound system) and controlled by professional, we
>take our responsibilities in offering a top of the line sound experience.
>In the last few years we managed to controlled the sound pressure to a very
>reasonable level. 
>Now, as we do present cutting edge artist, where some of them are composing
>with noise and very harsh material it's our responsibility to present their
>music the way it's intended to be, which is loud. This may be a problem for
>some listeners but truly, with the quality of our sound system we do now
>accommodate those artists and we do keep a very decent overall sound
>Sometimes music can be loud and still be a very exciting experience for the
>ear if it's in a controlled environment and considering that the loudest
>peaks are very short. In fact, many EA composer knows very well those
>limits and use them with cleverness, can we trust them?
>To be able to feel a PPPP to a FFFF is what ELEKTRA responsibility is all

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