Re: Hearing Loss sites etc ... ah ... and here's the rub ...

Subject: Re: Hearing Loss sites etc ... ah ... and here's the rub ...
From: Louis Dufort (
Date: Fri May 20 2005 - 00:20:25 EDT

> Where is the sense of responsibility of the organizers and the
> artists towards others?
As I said Kevin we can strongly suggest the artist to bring it down but we
will never go against the artist demand. At ELEKTRA, where the sound system
is pristine (L_Acoustics sound system) and controlled by professional, we
take our responsibilities in offering a top of the line sound experience.
In the last few years we managed to controlled the sound pressure to a very
reasonable level.

Now, as we do present cutting edge artist, where some of them are composing
with noise and very harsh material it's our responsibility to present their
music the way it's intended to be, which is loud. This may be a problem for
some listeners but truly, with the quality of our sound system we do now
accommodate those artists and we do keep a very decent overall sound

Sometimes music can be loud and still be a very exciting experience for the
ear if it's in a controlled environment and considering that the loudest
peaks are very short. In fact, many EA composer knows very well those
limits and use them with cleverness, can we trust them?

To be able to feel a PPPP to a FFFF is what ELEKTRA responsibility is all



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