Re: Hearing Loss sites etc ... ah ... and here's the rub ...

Subject: Re: Hearing Loss sites etc ... ah ... and here's the rub ...
From: Kevin Austin (
Date: Thu May 19 2005 - 21:06:55 EDT

I beg to differ.

<flame shields UP!>

The festival is funded to a large extent by public money. A list of
government agencies sponsoring the festival will show this. If there
is any disagreement with this assertion, a copy of the festival's
budget can prove this to be incorrect.

The artists are invited, and paid.

If ticket sales and private sponsorship cover all of the costs, then
I could agree that it's another matter, but as has been brought up
many times, this is an issue related to responsibility with public
resources, and this responsibility always comes back to those
responsible for the organization and production.

If someone decides that being at an event has led to damage to their
hearing, a lawyer would quickly determine who the responsible
individuals / group are in preparing the law suit.

As I have argued in other venues for many years, as those
responsible, the organizing committee is not "very limited in [its]
intervention", rather the opposite, the organizing committee is
responsible (or irresponsible) to the public and the artists.

Where is the sense of responsibility of the organizers and the
artists towards others?

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At 5:47 PM -0400 5/19/05, Louis Dufort wrote (in part):
> >
>BTW, festival curator and Soundman are not the one who decide the
>level of an audio artist. The artist are the one who should be
>concern by it. We at Elektra are very sensible [sensitive (trans)]
>to that specific issue but are very limited in our interventions.
>We normally makes some suggestions to the artists and sometimes they
>do listen and drop a couples of db. In some heavy cases, like
>Granular Synthesis, we did provide to our public some free ear plugs.

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