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Subject: Re: Hearing Loss sites etc
Date: Thu May 19 2005 - 18:46:18 EDT

>many venues people aren't really there for the music..
> they just don't shut UP during the concerts.. so the music goes up..
> talk louder, the music gets louder, etc. combine that with a small room
> with a p.a. designed for a much bigger space.. and you have a real

That's the price to pay to get a scene happening, but I am curious as to the
experience of others regarding what Shane pointed out.

I see a direct correlation between the low turnout at concerts taking place
in venues with well maintained amplification system (with a bar outside the
concert hall) and acoustically awkward venues (restaurant, galleries) that
run a bar inside and where people can chat.

For the same ticket price, in neighboring location, the same artist can sell
out at the bar/gallery/ pub but won't get much of a turnout at the better
sounding venue.

The recent _Signal+Noise festival_(of video and audio works) had a good turn
out for the sound program, and most of it was very loud. A vivid moment was
when a loud shrill came on after a minute of low rumbling tones. I was a the
back and saw a good portion of the audience turn their heads sideways, as if
they had been punched in the face... they responded with positive screams of
_yeah!!_. And came back the next 2 evenings... So who i'm i to say to
grownups how enjoy going betond that pain threshold _you won't be hearing
much later_. They already know that line. And if the festival wants to break
even, well, they gotta give the people what they want. Anytime i've played
in a bar/pub I get the same _it wasn't loud enough_ comment...

Yet, there is hope! Here in vancouver (BC, canada), an independant bookstore
has been featuring small improv /microsound/ experimental shows, and i found
it's a great match! The place would be packed with 20 people in it... It's
on a busy street, with exterior sounds seeping in, but that just makes it
site specific... like the time a diesel truck idle right in front of the
place and an intermission was added! So there's a venue for us ear-sensitive

jean routhier

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