Re: surround sound encoding and DVD authoring

Subject: Re: surround sound encoding and DVD authoring
From: Michael Gogins (
Date: Thu May 19 2005 - 18:41:05 EDT

People now want HDTV. Took a long time, but it happened when enough people saw football in HD or Finding Nemo on a plasma screen. Similarly, when they hear Beck or whatever in HD audio, they will want it. A mass audience is largely not well equipped to evaluate descriptions of benefits, but they can certainly decide they want them when they see or hear them.


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Subject: Re: surround sound encoding and DVD authoring

> Is there any feel about Audio DVD taking on?

Well I am not quite so aware of consumer trends as others may be but there are
two interesting things that I think are happening or have already happened. At
one of the MusicMars lectures at McGill University, George Massenberg gave this

talk on the future of high resolution surround sound audio. His pointed out
that Sony has already stopped producing SACD's and this is probably a sign of
things to come. He thinks that the way to get high Rez 5.1 into the homes of
the average listener is to make music videos of your recordings which because
they are on a DVD can be high rez and 5.1. Another things is the release of the

dual-disc (SACD/DVD-A hybrid disks) which can play in both DVD player and
traditional CD players at both high rez or standard CD quality. Perhaps one of
these new attempts will be successful in generating ubiquitous appeal. With the

popularity of MP3's it seems as though super-high quality audio isn't exactly
something being pushed forward by consumer demand.

                                                            John Roberts

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