Re: Hearing Loss sites etc

Subject: Re: Hearing Loss sites etc
From: Louis Dufort (
Date: Thu May 19 2005 - 17:47:07 EDT

> Oh, sorry for the mixup. This was thrusday night, may 12.
Hmmmmm this was the video/music night. You must be talking of the last
video of the night, Istvan Kantor? Yea, he was loud alright, too loud, but
It was is demand. Ikeda video/music, just before Kantor, was I must say not
that loud but played with a lot of hi pitched sine waves (very popular in
minimal esthetics). So this "acouphène" like disturb a lot of people, you
are right on this. But this was not due to loudness but mainly to an
annoying reminiscence of a visit to the dentist...

Hope you managed to enjoy experience.

BTW, festival curator and Soundman are not the one who decide the level of
an audio artist. The artist are the one who should be concern by it. We at
Elektra are very sensible to that specific issue but are very limited in our
interventions. We normally makes some suggestions to the artists and
sometimes they do listen and drop a couples of db. In some heavy cases,
like Granular Synthesis, we did provide to our public some free ear plugs.


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