RE: Hearing Loss sites etc

Subject: RE: Hearing Loss sites etc
From: James Phelps (
Date: Thu May 19 2005 - 17:09:50 EDT

I agree. I'm fairly convinced that some of the music I hear results from haphazard monitoring during the production process coupled with little or no consideration being given to the speaker systems and acoustics likely to be found in the venues. Further, I get the impression that many people would disagree with my view that the sound spectrum is analogous to an orchestra with regards to the need to know something about the individual instruments (spectral components) and the attending psychoacoustics.
Simply put ... orchestration.
-Jim Phelps
 Northern Illinois University wrote:
A brief statement on this topic:

I have noticed that with high quality speakers, for instance the Genelecs,
the need to bring the volume up is greatly reduced. With them I can hear all
the subtle nuances of my work even at very low levels and still "feel" the
low frequencies. In many ways I think it is a habitual response to feel it
is necessary to bring the volume up and if you are fortunate enough to be
listening on quality monitors you owe it to yourself to lessen the pressure.
It seems to provide a much more pleasurable experience to the nervous system
as well as the ears...


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